A lil' bout' Lil' Red Wagon
Lil' Red Wagon was established in 2003
as a small scale welding shop.  For 5
years now Lil' Red Wagon has worked
hard to earn the reputation of being able
to provide its customers with unmatched
quality on schedule.  So whether your
project can be delivered right to our
shop (located conveniently right off the
I10 in Buckeye, AZ) or is a large field
installation project, we here at Lil' Red
Wagon will provide you with an above
satisfactory end product.
Shop and Field Capabilities
Lil' Red Wagon takes pride in being able to accommodate all sizes of
projects, large and small.  So whether you need a repair to a teaspoon
or an earthmover we invite you to join our list of satisfied customers.
Lil' Red Wagon         
Services, Inc.
Buckeye, AZ
Tyler D. Birkholtz
Proud owner specializing in
custom welding, fabrications, art
creations, one-off projects and
short call repairs.  
(More pictures of smoker can be
seen in the Photo Album.)
Our shop is equipped with light to medium machinery.  We have the
capabilities of MIG, pulse MIG, TIG, stick, silver sauder and oxy
acetylene.  We perform work on high and low carbon steel, stainless
steel, aluminum, and some non ferrous metals.  We have two mobile
rigs (mobile fab and repair).  Our mobile rigs are equipped with air arc,
MIG, stick and TIG capabilities.
:: Lil' Red Wagon Services,  Inc.
You as a valued customer can rest at ease when given an estimate by
Lil' Red Wagon.  If it would benefit you to buy a new product rather than
having it repaired you will be notified of that.