Lil' Red Wagon Services, Inc.
Lil' Red Wagon
Services, Inc.
Buckeye, Az
Proud owner
specializing in custom
welding, fabrications,
art creations, one-off
projects and short call
Tyler D. Birkholtz
Lil Red Wagon Services, Inc. (LRW) is a full service mobile welding
and fabrication shop. LRW is capable of welding Stick, MIG, TIG,
and Aluminum. LRW has 2 full service mobile welding trucks with
the same capabilities as our shop. We have a fabrication shop
capable of small milling and lathe projects.
Core Competencies
  • Stick
  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Aluminum
  • Mobile units with removable modular welding and generator units with air compressors
  • Milling machines at our shop
  • Fabrication with Design and Build experience
  • In house CAD capabilities to provide shop drawings and conceptual process
Past Performance
LRW has performed for many different companies and governmental agencies. Some of
out most recent projects were but not limited to; NCC Contractors, Luke Air Force Base
retrofitting overflow pipe on water tower to be outlet at ground level from an elevation of
115 ft. D.L. Withers Construction, Maricopa County Sheriff Headquarters, miscellaneousj
steel projects including steel chase ladders and fall cages, bollard posts, and landscape
headers. AR Mays Construction, Aquatic Oasis. Imsamet aluminum foundry, Goodyear,
Az., and many others.